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Making Sense of Analytics in the Cloud

Intrusion Detection

As soon as an object moves into a defined area, an event is generated which can be processed according to situational demands and business rules defined by the user.

People Counting

As soon as a person has passed a virtually definable region or line, it will automatically be counted. The counting is performed directional (Two directions per line). Counting lines can be formed and oriented individually thus enabling not only the counting in passages but also for regions.

Watch List Management

Easy-to-configure watchlist management with automated notifications of when a “person-of-interest” is identified by the SecuVue platform.


Actions remain recognisable. Unnecessary intrusion into personal privacy is prevented without compromising security.

Scene Analysis

Depending on the scenario, the Scene Analyzer can for instance detect if an object was left behind in a high security area or an object was removed from an area defined by the user.

Notification Management

Convenient automated alerts with a high-performance messaging library to ensure that the right people are informed at the right time.

Activity Heatmaps

To make optimal use of available sales or exhibition areas, frequently used paths or areas as well as the popularity of certain products can be made visible through real-time visualisation and automatically generated statistics.

Facial Collection and Recognition

SecuVue is a universal facial recognition technology which brings an unprecedented number of facial recognition and biometric features into a ready-to-deploy solution. Leveraging our unique facial recognition algorithm, SecuVue dramatically shortens the time-to-market for complex security and surveillance solutions

Multiple IP Camera Channels

SecuVue can handle and manage  several camera streams per server without compromising speed or accuracy. It is designed to manage exceptions but also caters for continuous streaming for real-time surveillance.